Joanna Janikowska

Joanna Janikowska

With Synergy WorldWide everything is possible - health and wealth can be yours!

Gdansk, Poland

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Her background

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    June 2013

    Team Leader

    Synergy WorldWide

    My journey in network marketing, I started in 2006. All the time I was looking for something that would be very good for all (reasonable price), had strong pillars, a niche product, the time and gave the ability to quickly generate additional revenue for each [not only to the very top of the structure]. I am fortunate to work with MLM leaders with many years experience in the industry. Now we are working together to build Synergy WorldWide.

    Synergy Worldwide gives you the highest quality products, the most innovative business opportunity, and a culture of generosity and service that changes lives. Partner with Synergy Worldwide today and "Leave a Legacy" of your own!

    This is a serious and stable company that except in exceptional products - we call them the "Three Pearls For Health" (inter alia L-arginine & L-cytruline in ProArgi-9) is characterized by a very interesting compensation plan, including a 100% commission from the earnings of your partners.

    Compensation Plan with Mega Match 100% Bonus

    L-arginina - product based on studies of Nobel Prize winners

    Mistify / Mistica
    In the fight with free radicals contain up to 51% of the Acai Berry

    (green blood) product based on studies of Nobel Prize winner

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    ===> <=== my ID 1434863

    Offering cooperation with Synergy, I can look anyone straight in the eye, because I know it's an honest company with a great offer and a stable business for many, many years.


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if the product offer does not meet expectations, within 90 days money back guarantee.

    I suggest - check it out, because maybe this information will be important to you and bring something really special to your life - and forever it will change for the better

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Her skills

  • Business management
  • Health and wellness

Her languages

  • Polish
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • Russian

    Her hobbies

    health natural medicine prevention supplementation protection Synergy Worldwide ProArgi-9 Phytolife Mistica Mictica L-argininecleansing detoxification strengthening nutrition neutralization increasing resistance increasing strength and vitality prevent cardiovascular illness halting the aging process nutrition at the cellular levelL-cytrulline chlorophyll acai berry

    About her

    For many years we have been promoting for health care using natural methods. By this time we were looking for one that will be the most ... and finally we found, so we promote a solution that its effectiveness amazes us all the time ! This is about Synergy WorldWide !
    MeI and my husband like and want to help other people and wish that the world will be better and people are more healthy and more happy. We believe that good things happen to good people. Greetings to all visitors to this page :)
    Joanna Janikowska
    skype: jozal33
    ID 1434863

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